by Adrian Ryan


Last Saturday night brought us the world premiere of a new drag queen called RainbowGore Cake (AKA “Sailor Hank”), at a gala event she herself devised and produced: a screening of her own short film, “Fire”, at the Mount Baker Artist Lofts.

Like any proper event, there were VIP interviews at the door, much merchandising (Miss Cake sold her own art and raffled off props from the film), and the movie was bookended by drag performances (RG lip-synched, “I Put a Spell on You” from one of her most inspiring films, “Hocus Pocus”), an accordion and saw duo played gypsy-core witch music, and the night was capped with The Witches Titties, fronted by RainbowGore’s artist mom, Kook Teflon.

This is notable, because RainbowGore Cake is only 12 years old.

As befitting any hostess/budding star, Miss Cake had three changes of outfit for the evening: one for greeting guests at the door, one for the show, and a sleek blonde look for the after party.


Miss Cake describes her aesthetic as, “Spooky, freaky, like if Peaches Christ, Elvira, and Sharon Needles had a baby,” which can be easily seen in her thick frosting eye makeup, lipstick smear, and witchy ways.

As everyone knows, Seattle’s drag scene has exploded in the last five-ish years. It’s gone from a handful of notable standard queens to a surging deluge of queens of every imaginable sort: comedy queens, pageant queens, shock queens – from serious performers to the seriously busted. But until now, there was one thing it didn’t have: the youngest drag queen in Seattle history, as far as anyone knows. Maybe in the history of everywhere.

“I am very proud of his courage to be who he wants to be,” beams Sailor Hank’s proud mother, Kook. “I always have included him and his sister in my events and travels. I feel it heavily influenced him being around so many creative, prolific adults. I have always told him do what you love don’t listen to what others say about your style, love yourself. His drive to create is mind-blowing.”

As primary inspirations, RainbowGore counts her “uncle,” the notable New Orleans drag artiste known as Vinsantos, and her “auntie”, Seattle’s own darling human tire-fire, Jackie Hell. “They lead me to cult leaders like Divine, Peaches Christ, John Waters, and Elvira,” she says, “and my friend Sky Nebula gave my first drag make-up.”

And RainbowGore isn’t just messing around in mama’s closet: she intends to be taken seriously as a drag artiste, and she’s got the long term goals to show for it. “I want to be in a Peaches Christ show, have Peaches Christ come to my next movie premier, make a feature film, move to New Orleans, go to NOCCA high school, and be on RuPaul’s drag race,” she said.

In the meantime, you can see Seattle’s Youngest Drag Queen™ tomorrow, Thursday, April 9th, at an event called Queer Planet on Capitol Hill. You can find out more information here.