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Dating Apps and the Ghosts of Relationships Past

Consider the moments you have fallen in love. If you unpick the threads, you will quickly find much of the falling occurred in the mind. Many artifacts that go towards creating intimacy are imagined. We can’t fully understand or know someone else, but we can construct a persona around them and a shared view of the future.

The Rise of the Porn-tropreneur

“Porn is the billboard. Cam is the product,” my housemate and porn performer...

Everyone’s Lusting After Jonathan Lyndon Chase

Philadelphia-based artist Jonathan Lyndon Chase is one of the most sought after painters from a growing pool of young, queer, POC artists. His lush, colorful, mixed-media depictions of often taboo subjects – sex, queerness, and the black male body – are energetic in a way that seem the set the still images in motion.

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Reducing HIV Transmission Rates Requires Decriminalizing Sex Work

Reducing HIV Transmission Rates Requires Decriminalizing Sex Work

This World AIDS Day, let’s not forget that transgender women—particularly trans women of color—are also more likely to be living with HIV than cisgender people. The fight for trans justice cannot be separated from the work to reduce new transmission and provide care to those who are living with HIV, while ending stigma and criminalization for having HIV. To win this fight, we must decriminalize sex work.

Sir Babygirl Is Serving Queerness On A Platter

Sir Babygirl Is Serving Queerness On A Platter

Sir Babygirl likes to confront pop culture’s erasure of queer people. She laments queer-baiting in pop music, which often hints at queerness but rarely makes it explicit. Instead of queer-baiting, she aims to be queer-serving.

Falon Sierra: Damaged by System, but Never Broken

Falon Sierra: Damaged by System, but Never Broken

I recently had the chance to interview Seattle R&B Tomboy Princess, Falon Sierra, about her latest neo-Soul-Alternative-Electronic EP “Damaged by System,” released to all platforms October 2019. Read on to see what she had to say about her songwriting heroes, self-love, and the current state of art in Seattle.







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by Alice Driver | Oct 9, 2019

Floriberta Roberto, 37, has a shy smile, but when 28-year-old Kataleya Nativi makes her laugh, Roberto opens her mouth to reveal the letters F and R in gold, punctuated by a zirconia stud on her two front teeth. Roberto, who is from an Indigenous community in rural Guatemala, had never had an interaction with a trans woman before meeting Nativi, who is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and is wearing a skort with her name painted on it in rainbow colors on this day in August. The two met in Tapachula, Mexico, at T’ja Xuj, which means “House of Women” in the language of the Indigenous Mam of Guatemala.


Stranger Things Finally Goes Queer

It only took 3 seasons, but the Netflix smash-hit Stranger Things finally delivered to us its first openly queer character. While Maya Hawke’s character Robin was clearly being set up as a foil for her Scoops Ahoy co-worker Steve Harrington, it’s not until near the end of the short season that we learn the truth: she’s a lesbian.