The fetish community in Seattle is a robust one. There’s always some fellows in harnesses hanging about at the Cuff or the Eagleand you’ve probably seen some pup hoods and maybe a buttplug tail or two. Furries have a strong presence here. But men in shiny rubber are scarce. Despite appearances in popular media such as American Horror Story, and gay stars and icons wearing rubber (such as Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue), latex is still a relative minority in the Seattle gay fetish world.

Some here in Seattle are looking to change that. Black Friday is a long-running fetish night series at the Eagle, recently revitalized by Lavender Underground. Recent Fridays have included themes such as flogging, sir/boy relations and other fetishes, and now, the time for a rubber invasion is at hand. While the Eagle in recent years has become more popular with a more diverse demographic, the popularity of Black Friday and Area 2181, Lavender Underground’s other monthly event prove that kinksters still view the Eagle as a destination.

The appropriately named Suction party will be a special one, featuring a demo by Rubbout producer Reid Dalgleish of a bondage device called a vacuum tower. People enter into this very science fiction-esque tower of rubber, leaving only their head exposed. Once the vacuum sucks the rest of the air out of the tower, the person is left completely immobile, with the outline of their body completely visible and accessible by others. You become a piece of art, or a gimp for people to touch. Or, perhaps you can just relax, knowing you’re immobile and sealed in. You choose the fantasy.

If that’s a bit too intense, there will also be a rubber sleepsack on display. The sleepsack is more like a sleeping bag that leaves you only slightly mobile, like a rubber worm that can flail around, with zippers available for others to access. A rubber straitjacket, also part of the demo, which is an even more mobile version of a similar experience.

Interest in Suction is strong among Seattle’s rubber community, and anyone with even a casual interest in gear should show up all shined and rubbery. It will be a fantastic opportunity to express your rubber fetish, or perhaps explore the world of rubber gear a little further. If you’re curious about rubber, this is your chance to try it out in a demo or watch others, chat with rubber fetish folks and explore.

If you just want a gear night that’s fun and frisky, feel free to show up in your neoprene (which does count as rubber!), leather, spandex, furry outfit, whatever makes you feel sexy. DJ Kobalt Severa will be on hand pumping out the industrial tunes.

Hope to see you there!