Faster then a speeding bass beat! More powerful than a drum riff! Able to leap tall breakdowns in a single bound!

Kristian Nairn isn’t the only hunk you’ll see at Pink Party Comicon. Check out the rest of the sexy line-up in store for you at Queer Geek! Seattle’s upcoming extravaganza.

DJ Krot


Powers: Krot is a master of disguise, as long as that disguise involves being shirtless and wearing body paint. Krot also possesses the abilities to read minds, as well as to rewind time for seven seconds. These are essential, he says, to erase the stupid things he sometimes says.

Weaknesses: Krot’s only known weakness is an intense fear of needles.


Powers: In addition to keeping a dance floor bumping, Jackson has the power to make anyone feel any emotion he wants. He’s promised only to use his power for the good of mankind.

Weaknesses: Jackson’s weakness is his constant sneezing, which, he claims, is kind of a superpower because they feel so good.

DJ Jackscon

Cass Bolton


Powers: Cass is nearly bullet-proof, and has yet to meet a fist he can’t take. He also has the power to spawn food at any time, which is a good thing, as all the fist-taking makes him constantly hungry.

Weaknesses: His super weakness is meat substitutes. When it comes to meat, he only enjoys the real thing.


Powers: Robin’s super strength, and the ability to teleport anywhere, make it really easy for him to get inside those dark, tight spaces.

Weaknesses: His only major weakness is a nice pair of legs.


JAX Mourningwood


Powers: JAX is gifted both with extreme flexibility, as well as the ability to control time, and can go forward and back, forward and back, forward and back at will. And still get enough sleep.

Weaknesses: His primary weakness is cake.

Don’t miss your chance to party with all of these super heroes, along with Hodor himself, Kristian Nairn from Game of Thrones, at Pink Party Comicon. You can show off your own super powers this Friday, 3/27, at Neighbours Nightclub, the first night of Emerald City Comicon. Get your tickets here!