Collide-O-Scope XMESS 2016
Monday, December 5 / 6:45pm
Re-Bar (1114 Howell)


In this very extra sparkly holiday edition of The Mix, we shall all get down on our knees (an incredible departure from the norm, i realize) and give praise to the lil’ Baby Jebus and Co.™ for the heavenly blessing that is Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson, whom I have sworn to gay marry someday , preferably in a frosty, critter-filled forest on a crystal Christmas morn.

Shane and Michael are unhinged kings of the AV Club, wizard-nerds of mind-melting mirth that bless us all with blatant, unrestrained celluloid whimsy. They have quietly and for quite some time thrilled and delighted your heart and soul, whether you realize it or not. You have heard of Dina Martina? May I hazard a guess: you are an irrepressible Dina fan? (Get in line.) Let’s start there: Shane and Michael are responsible for Dina’s campy, classic video interludes; the one’s that doubtlessly exploded your face apart with laughter at one time or another. Here’s a taste:

But Shane and Michael are classic queer indie Seattle superstars for reasons that extend far beyond their contributions to the magic that is Dina Martina. For example, and most importantly for our purposes here: Collide-O-Scope at Re-Bar every-other Monday night. They have labored long and ceaselessly, to cultivate, curate, and bring to us their stoner’s parade of brain-warping hilarity–specifically, Collide-O-Scope’s annual Xmess installment, happening tonight. Here’s a little taste, fresh from good ole Christmas Past:

See? What they do is pick a theme (the wackier the better), and then scour the known media universe for hilarious, insightful, shocking, delightful and surprising outtakes, commercials, video clips, anything pertinent to said theme. Thusly do they create an unparalleled visual parade of wonder and hilarity! And please to note: this very Xmessy Collide-O-Scope will be the last Collide-O-Scope for a while–they take a hiatus this time of year to make way for Dina Martina–so don’t missing it would be a most foolish endeavor indeed. It’s this week’s Adrian Ryan Approved Event™!