Fly Moon Royalty’s Last Dance


Break out your fancy cryin’ hankies and gird your glittery loins: Tonight we shall experience the most tragic and upsetting Adrian Ryan Approved Event™ in the history of the things, and not just because of the looming depressions that are often associated with the anniversary of the allegedly miraculous (and allegedly virgin) birth we are all forced annually endure every end-of-December.

Indeed, tonight marks the farewell performance of the luscious and electric Indie Soul duo known as Fly Moon Royalty, who have thrilled and titillated Seattle’s tough titties for ‘lo these many salty moons.

The duo is Adra Boo and Action Jackson, naturally, and I’ve loved them long and hard. You doubtlessly have too. But the great wheel must spin, the seasons must change, and the time has come to say goodbye. The luscious and electric Indie Soul duo have made up their minds (there’s just no talking them out of it!), and so barring a REAL Xmess miracle, it’s quits! Sayonara! Finito! Blunty translated: this is the very last chance you will have to worshipfully shake your bootay to the imminently booty-shakable ministrations of Mr. Jackson’s inspired keyboardings, and the beautiful, bodacious Adra Boo’s soulful and sultry strains. You will celebrate their legacy, you will dance, and you will cry a freaking river. It’s the World’s Saddest Adrian Ryan’s Approved Event™! Do not miss it.