The Mix is back with this week’s Friday Five. From gifts and goodbyes, to all the holiday gags you can swallow, don’t miss these five really amazing, hand-picked events happening this weekend.

Friday, Dec 16

The Last Cucci’s Cake Batter
Friday, December 16 / 8pm
Papa’s Eats Treats and Spirits (2901 Perry Ave, Bremerton)

We love everything Cucci here at Jetspace, and we couldn’t be sadder so to see fly off to the sunnier climes of southern CA. We also couldn’t think of a better way to say farewell than to check out the show that started it all, Cucci’s Cake Batter. Head on over to lovely Bremerton to join the bridge and tunnel (and ferry) crowd for this glorious glorious send off.


Adrian Ryan Approved

Bacon Strip: Sylvia’s Special Presents
Friday, December 16 – Saturday, December 17 / 8:30pm
Theatre Off Jackson (409 7th Ave S)

Trigger warning! Do you fully support the War on Christmas? Do the holidays fill you with loathing and despair? “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” make you wanna blow your cookies? LOOK AWAY, sweet, child, LOOK AWAY! It’s about to get wall-to-wall Christmas all up in this bitch.

As is to be quite expected, the holly jolly weekend we are facing is stuffed and/or crammed to its candy-cane crannies with events and adventures of every possible stripe–concerts, chorales, and theater (good and most terrible indeed–and you know Hedwig is happening at The Paramount, right?), dance parties and DJ nights (small and large), drag shows and cabaret revues (as usual, we’re so blessed), even the drunken, marauding March of the Mistletomosexuals (the sixth annual!).

Bacon Strip has taken us on quite a journey, from it’s awkward beginnings literally sometime around the birth of Christ, through a blooming, blossoming golden age, to not existing at all for quite awhile. Through it all, Sylvia, Gay Seattle’s consummate hostess, has been it’s ruling maven of delight. Tonight her annual Christmas show features favorites old and new–Honey Bucket (and her nasty Christmas connie) will be there of course, as will the darling Darlings, the adorable Abbey Roads, and more fun and flashy performers that you can shake your yule log at. Not that you shouldn’t try.

It’s this week’s very Xmessy Adrian Ryan’s Approved Event™!


Saturday, Dec 17

COAL: A Holiday Boutique
Saturday, December 17th / 2pm
Vermillion (1508 11th Ave)

COAL brings together some of Seattle’s finest and most forward-thinking artists and designers in one room for a one-of-it’s-kind, one-day-only, pop-up boutique. Curated by Anouk Rawkson and Jordan Christianson, featuring the works of Mariel Andrade, John Criscitello Studios, Danial Webster, Kerstin Graudins, Mr Grow, Irene Deneen, Jesus Mary Anne Joseph, Lovewell Couture, and more!


Ian and Bhama’s Black Christmas
Saturday, December 17 / 7pm
The Rendezvous (2322 2nd Ave)

Bhama Roget and Ian Schuelke bring you a night of music and sketch comedy from the darkest depths of Santa’s little red bag. Marvel in horror/delight at Christmas-themed pornography, evil Christmas carols, Trump & PowerPoint, crazy Moms, and more! With evil musical accompaniment by the one and only Derek Sheen! Christmas only comes once a year, but this show will haunt you forever.


Sunday, Dec 18

Match Game: The Star Trek Holiday Special
Sunday, December 10 / 7pm
Re-bar Seattle (1114 Howell St)

Head into a wormHole of comedy! Join The Federation of Improv Worlds in the exploration of new territories at Match Game, Deep Space 10. Get ready to energize! Hosted by Richard “Q” Rugburn & his prize Butterfly Miss Quark Towelette and starring Al Lykya as Captain Kirk, Chad William Leonard II as Wesley Gusher,  Miss Anita Goodmann as That Dude from The Planet Klingon, Lady Drew Blood as Vulcan A, Miss Elaine, Nelson Heston Riley as Nelson Heston Risa, and Kaleb Kerr as Captain K.