The Mix is back with this week’s Friday Five. From queer films and comics, to benefits and Pride, here are five really amazing, hand-picked events happening in the PNW this weekend that you won’t want to miss.

Friday, June 17

Adrian Ryan Approved

Crocodile Tears 20 Year Anniversary Screening
Friday June 17 / 7:30pm
The Egyptian Theater (805 E Pine St, Seattle)

Come gather ‘roud the fire, sweet children, and lemme tell you a little story: Once upon a time, twenty years ago, to be precise, Seattle was the Gay Center of the Universe. It’s true! And Capitol Hill was the Gay Center of the Gay Center of the Universe. And one day, a celebrated homosexual called Ted Sod, who lived in Seattle, on Capitol Hill, decided to gather together practically everybody–and I mean practically everybody!–queer on Capitol Hill to star in a movie. His movie! It was about AIDS, more or less, and the fear of AIDS, and the devil, and celebrated homosexuals, and terrible jokes, and OF COURSE Dan Savage starred in it (because OF COURSE he did), and Wade Madsen, and Ted Sod (naturally), and the entire Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Joeanne Kline and Mark Finley and Bitsey Bates and practically EVERYBODY ELSE in mid-90s Gay Seattle, good, bad, or ugly. What Ted Sod probably did not know at the time was that he was creating a splendid window unto the zeitgeist of the age–a most perfect time capsule of Gay Seattle. And the time has to open that capsule and relive the Gay 90s once more!

This week’s Adrian Ryan Approved Event™ is the twenty-year reunion screening of Crocodile Tears at The Egyptian Theater! Whether you are riddled with nostalgia, actually appeared in the thing, or have a life-long dream to see Dan Savage wear sweaters, juggle, suffer horribly and become a very judgmental ghost, this is a once in a lifetime chance!


Saturday, June 18

Queer Comics & Creators – Pride Celebration at Comics Dungeon
Saturday, June 18 / 11am
Comics Dungeon (319 NE 45th St, Seattle)

The Northwest is home to some amazing queer comics creators through Northwest Press, Fantagraphics, and others.  Check out Comics Dungeon’s Pride event featuring Anything That Loves Anthology contributor Ashley Cook, Lonnie Mann (Thoughts From Iceland) and Margaret Traut (Decrypting Rita), with discussions on bisexual and trans representation in comics, queer erotica and LGBTQA as a characterization, with events throughout the day until 8pm.



Inferno Pride
Saturday, June 18 / 6pm
Crystal Ballroom (1332 W Burnside St, Portland)
$12 / 21+

Are you a trans* identified individual or a cis gender female and attending Portland Pride? Come check out Inferno! Featuring DJ Lauren and DJ Wildfire, this is a truly safe space environment with no cis gender males/biological men allowed to attend.


Full-Length Feature Fundraiser (for the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting)
Friday, June 19 / 9pm
The Odyssey (686 W Hastings St, Vancouver)
$5 Suggested Donation / 19+

100% of the cover and all profits from liquor sales of this special edition of “Full-Length Feature Fridays” will be donated to friends and families who lost loved ones in the Pulse Nightclub Shooting in Orlando. Go out, have a good time, and make a difference in the process! Performances by tons of performers including Alma Bitches, Ilona, Coco Klein and more, along with a few short films from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.


Sunday, June 19

Stiffed! Pride Kick-Off Tea Dance ft. Lady Miss Kier (Deee-Lite)
Sunday, June 19 / 4pm
Kremwerk (1809 Minor Ave #10, Seattle)
$12-$15 / 21+

Lady Miss Kier is in town! She’s DJing the popular Stiffed Tea Dance party in a Pride Kickoff edition.  One dollar beer busts, plus the always reliable DJ Pavone and Dana Dub.  Come celebrate the tea dance tradition with a bit of Groove Is In The Heart!