The Mix is back with this week’s Friday Five. From black tie and fursuits, to dance and drag, don’t miss these five really amazing, hand-picked events happening in the PNW this weekend.

Friday, October 21

Tectonic Marrow Society’s PYLON II
Friday, October 21 / 7pm
King St Station (401 S Jackson, Seattle)

PYLON II is an evening length multi media performance blending highly physical dance, active visual projections, and live-feed surveillance; blurring the line between observer and observed and is the second iteration of PYLON. Directed and choreographed by Coleman Pester of Tectonic Marrow Society with Monika Khot, Alex Boeschenstein, and Ari Chivukula. Performers Lorraine Lau, Randy Ford, Cheryl Delostrinos, David Rue, and Jenna Eady. Includes the opening party, featuring a preview of Dayna Hanson’s new work, live installations, a drink ticket, DJ, and dancing.


Occasion 4 The Occult
Friday, Oct 21 / 8:30pm
The Emerald (555 Gore, Vancouver)

Hit up this dark and lavish queer-as-fuck masquerade ball from the fabulous folks at Queers & Beers. Don your ball gown, polish your shoes, straighten your tie, bathe in the blood of the innocent, and join them for a night you’ll remember for eternity. Dress up because a costume contest in effect, and the most spine tinglingly opulent ensemble will be rewarded. Racist or culturally appropriative costumes will not be tolerated, but if that’s the sort of costume you’d wear you should probably just stay home anyway.


Saturday, October 22

Blowpony’s Annual Homoween feat. Kim Chi
Saturday, Oct 22 / 9pm
Bossanova Ballroom (722 E Burnside, Portland)
$18 (includes meet & greet)

We’re big fans of the shenanigans Blowpony gets up to, and we’re even bigger fans of the queer high holy days like Halloween. Put the two together, add some Tammy Brown (of course), Vinsantos, Drag Race Season 8 star Kim Chi, throw in some sexy beats and sexier go-gos and you’ve got a party you just won’t want to miss.


Saturday, Oct 22 / 9:45pm
AMC Pacific Place (600 Pine St, Seattle)
$12 ($9 for Three Dollar Bill Cinema Members)

Put aside your misconceptions and assumptions about the world of furries before seeing this first-paw perspective on fursuiting. Like any community, differences can drive the subculture apart, such as disagreements on how public furries should be: some treat fursuiting as a sexual identity, while others try to preserve a more “family-friendly” image. However, one thing they can all agree on is that their undying celebration of individuality and creativity is what distinguishes them. These furries always find a way to be fabulous. Includes Q&A with Danny Tayara.


Sunday, Oct 23

Adrian Ryan Approved

Harlequeen Nights: A Vinsantos Retrospective
Sunday, October 23 / 8pm
The Royal Room: Columbia City
All-ages until 10pm

You can stuff that nasty candy corn and smash all the Great Pumpkins big and small: the greatest harbinger of Halloween is the glorious arrival of Vinsantos Defonte, brave and original cabaret artiste of national renown, recording artist, Trannyshack alum, headmistress of “the Harvard of drag schools”, and the reigning Emprexx of the mysterious and electric New Orleans nightlife underground.

We’ve talked about Vinsantos before, if you’ll kindly recall (Vinsantos is “brilliant, surprising, and …a deeply gifted drag artiste”, if I may be allowed quote me–permission granted!), and they are gracing Seattle with one of their far-too-rare visits to treat us all with a new show: Harlequeen Nights: A Vinsantos Retrospective.

Harlequeen Nights promises to whisk us away on a twisted journey through the two flushed and feverish decades of drag, punk, and cabaret that created the startling creature that Vinsantos is today. Herstories, live music, film, whimsy, and Mal DeFleur will all be apart of the unique and intimate experience–just please make sure your passport is up to date, because the show is in Columbia City! It’s a rare opportunity to bask in the moonlit-glory of a giantess among America’s “alt-queens”, and it’s this week’s Adrian Ryan Approved™ Event!