The Mix is back with this week’s Friday Five. From beaches and backlots, to stories and strangers, don’t miss these five really amazing, hand-picked events happening in the PNW this weekend.

Friday, July 22


Twister Beach
Friday, July 22 / 7:30pm
Cafe Nordo (109 S Main St, Seattle)
$29-$72 / 21+

Brothers and sisters, UNITE! This injustice cannot stand! Sources have confirmed that, for reasons passing understanding, the total effing jerkwads that rule Facebook Land (that social media purgatory in which we all burn) have REMOVED and/or CENSORED and/or TOTALLY FORBIDDEN the latest perfectly (gay) ad for Café Nordo’s new dinner-theatrical 60s-style beach party extravaganza, Twister Beach! The reason? Well, because… Devon Bannon’s nipples are far too pert and saucy? Because the incisive wit of Mark Siano is far too rapier? Because Opal Peachey’s provocative money-maker is far too expertly and thoroughly shook…

A mystery at this point…

But the opinions and prejudices of Facebook’s ad department notwithstanding, everyone knows that Café Nordo is turning out some of the most fun and engaging theatre on these salty shores, and their freshest (and most Facebook forbidden) offering, Twister Beach, takes us on a gastronomically guided tour of mid-century beach party genre, all sassed up for 2016 sensibilities—which means, of course, it’s got more GAYS than there are sand particles in your ass crack after a day at Pebble Beach.

The studly cast is star-studded with notable wits and talented bon vivants: the aforementioned Mark Siano, Opal Peachy and Devon Bannon’s perky nipples, plus Andrew Murray, Katya Landau, Evan Mosher, Varsha Raghavan, and did I mention Devon Bannon’s perky nipples? I thought so.

So! Come give the big EFF YOU to the Big Brothers of Facebook and enjoy this unique and rather naughty, “immersive and interactive production”, complete with food, live music, nipples, and tiki drinks. And did I mention nipples? Well. Nipples.

Dressing down is deeply encouraged.


Saturday, July 23

Let’s Talk Portland
NAACP Portland General Membership Meeting
Saturday, July 23 / 12pm – 2pm
American Red Cross (3131 N Vancouver Ave, Portland)

After a month of tragic events across the country, POC communities are heartbroken, traumatized, and feeling a sense of hopelessness. Portland’s NAACP General Membership Meeting will be an important conversation about how to heal and move forward. Meeting open to all.



The Gay Uncle presents The Good Life
Saturday, July 23 / 5pm
The Pocket Theater (8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle)

Jeffrey Robert, of West Side Glory fame, and everyone’s favorite Gay Uncle, brings us an evening “stories, songs and thoughts to make you feel glad to be here now.” Featuring Jeffrey Robert, Ron Bryan, Kent Whipple, Rock R. Reed, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor, Lori A. May, David Johnson, Jianda Monique and special guests Josh & Fiona, offspring of Danielle K.L. Grégoire, who have something extra special planned.


Stranger Disco
Saturday, July 23 / 10pm
District East (2305 SE 9th, Portland)
$10 / 21+

Stranger Disco is one of a new breed of nightlife events that aims to make their space safer for queer people, women, and people of color. And it’s an aim they enforce. If you’re looking for good music and good, queer vibes, then bring your cash money and go support the people who make events like this happen. Music from DJs Vera Rubin, Sappho, Stormy Roxx, and special guest Bare Bacchus.


Sunday, July 24

Infamous Backlot Kegger #1
Sunday, July 24 / 1pm – 3am
The PumpJack Pub (1167 Davie St, Vancouver)
Free / 19+

PumpJack is kicking off Pride with an afternoon kegger out on the patio. It starts early, so take advantage of a sunny Sunday to check out this free shindig where you can bask on all the Pride debauchery you can handle, and still home in time to get your beauty sleep before work on Monday. Featuring DJs Robyn Graves and Del Stamp.