The Mix is back with this week’s Friday Five. From queer dances and roller derby, to basement bars and Pride, here are five really amazing, hand-picked events happening in the PNW this weekend that you won’t want to miss.

If you’re looking for Seattle Pride events, check out our Totally Unofficial Guide to Seattle Pride.

Friday, June 24

Adrian Ryan Approved

Trans Pride March and Rally
Friday, June 24 / 5pm
Cal Anderson Park

First of all, I love you. Do you hear me? I LOVE YOU TWISTED AND MAGICAL CREATURES! EVERY ONE OF YOU, DAMMIT! Ahem.

Now that we have that firmly out of the way: As we all know good and well, there are roughly infinity Pride events happening in every available nook and cranny of our salty little berg this Pride weekend…as God intended. But it bears noting that GOOD: celebrating this year is quite literally more important than ever. But as much as we’d like to, it’s simply impossible to dance at every wedding, and while in years past it has been my proud role and duty to exhaustively detail every. Last. Damn. Event. happening in Seattle, this year I am departing from all that and whittling my recommendations down to one single glorious Adrian Ryan Approved™ Event: Seattle Trans Pride 2016!

Now, if you didn’t know, Trans Pride was created to celebrate and support that backbone of our LGBTQ world, our Trans family, and it is smartly divided between two crucial parts: it all begins with the Trans Pride March, in which we will all take it to the streets of Capitol Hill to whoop and holler and march for Trans visibility. And then! The march culminates in a big party in Cal Anderson Park (named for our first openly gay legislator, you know), where we will be heartened by stirring speeches from Trans activists and dance and celebrate, with appearance and performances by our friend superstar DJ Riff-Raff, vocalist Claire Michelle, co-founder of U.T.O.P.I.A Seattle Tiare Chanel and “Seattle’s Première TransFabulous, FemTastic, Dragluesqing, Sass-Mouthing Negro” The Lady B!

Happy Pride, Seattle!


Saturday, June 25

Wheels of Justice vs. Bridgetown Menace Roller Derby Bout
Saturday, June 25 / 7pm
The Hangar at Oaks Park (7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland)

Last summer, Wheels of Justice beat Bridgetown in a pretty darn close bout. What will this mighty match up yield this summer? Help Rose City Rollers show some roller derby pride! Get your tix in advance, though. There will only be 30 available at the door.


Night Crush presents: Hella Queer!
Saturday, June 25 / 9pm
Rebar (1114 Howell St, Seattle)
$0-25 9PM-10PM / $10 10pm – 3am

If you like your Pride fêtes hella subversive, then the queer fabulous, transfabulous, POC fabulous Night Crush is for you. This late night dance party at Rebar will feature DJ sets from KingDee (Chocolate Kisses / Fire Nights / Dyke-A-Holics), Ill Camino (Twerk PDX), and Riff-Raff, and a live performance from The Lady B.


Bawdyhaus – Backdoor Basement Party
Saturday, June 25 / 9pm
Vancouver Eagle (Hindenburg Basement, 23 West Cordova, Vancouver)
$5 / 19+

BAWDYHAUS takes it underground with a dirty backdoor (literally, you have to enter through Blood Alley) basement party with Dj GingerBear, sexy go-go Adison and hot hunk of meat, Anuar. Shadow show, go-go dancing, hot underground beats and cheap drinks takeover the downstairs space for a dark night of pervy fun.


Sunday, June 26

Surrey Pride
Sunday, June 26 / 12pm
Holland Park (13428 Old Yale Road, Surrey)

Speaking of subversion, Surrey, BC is having their first ever Pride parade! The parade will be followed by a festival in Holland Park featuring “entertainment, vendors, food, bouncy castle and lots and lots of fun!” Small town Pride celebrations can be a great alternative to the big, overwhelming, corporate sponsored Pride festivals, too.