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I am an atypical fashion editor. I did not study at a merchandising or fashion institution. I have never aspired to design my own line.

As a black, queer femme with chronic pain, I have struggled to exist in the mainstream film industry and the fast paced editorial world where I used to work. I went to school for costume design in Chicago, grew up infatuated with the gritty color of Philadelphia, skipped school to breathe in NYC and got the privilege of traveling Europe with my mother as a youth.

I am student of social history and love the story any piece can feature. I am interested in clothing as culture, as presentation, as representation and as empowerment. I approach fashion in search of designers, artists and aesthetics as intersectional as I am. I seek to push media forward to embrace all the bodies and beauty I know and adore in my personal life.

Here a few of my favorite artists, brands, and personalities from Instagram.

lustsickpuppy: This bedazzled black femme fulfills such an amazing space through creating trend setting custom pieces in a rave babe meets cyber punk aesthetic with an afro-future filter that perfects the palettes of orange, pink and red beside bold patterns and iconic distressed pieces. Contact through IG for commissions and rates.

Shout out to my baby daddy 4 helping me set up this backpage amen god bless

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NorasNovity: How do you feel about china plates covered in queer femme affirmations? Pretty great, right!? NorasNovity features the work of a queer femme artist who paints rad imagery on plates, teapots, teacups and vases. From Divine, Grace and Dolly to zodiac figures, vulgar words and feminist vows, you can find the perfect ornament for your odd mantel. Pieces range from about $25 to $60 at

ProudAnimals: A UK based brand focused on taking “a stand against societies image of normal and restricting categories of gender and identity, Proud Animals is here to give the world a creative and fashionable avenue to express themselves.” It succeeds hardily in creating athletic wear basics and accessories that instead of touting logos, proclaims queerness, announces pronouns and declares resistance. This brand has hats, tees, pants, bags and more for you to let the world know how queer you really are at

Robynlambird: “Personally, I am focused on promoting the full picture of adaptive lifstyles, including increasing representation in media, fashion, sport and mentor-ship,” Robyn told @wwda_youth. An adaptive athlete, youtuber and fashion enthusiast, Robyn Lambird is a young, strong nonbinary role model. Lambird’s style is a great mixture of modern sportswear and comfy, cute knits and dapper to retro accessories and styling. Keep up with Robyn at

Hurry up spring ?☀️ #ootd #wiwt #look #style #streetstyle #dyedhair #cripplepunk #cerebralpalsy #androgynous #tomboy #tomboystyle

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Caxmee: A black woman with a physical disability, Caxmee is a travel, lifestyle and fashion blogger with a passion for food. Her aesthetic is a luxurious mix of clean silhouettes, elegant palettes with saturated color accents and cool afro-centric prints and accessories. Caxmee calls to mind the classic grace of Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn while pushing forward the needle on visibility, including a visit to the White House this year. Follow her adventures at

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*Editor’s note: Mama Cāx’s Instagram account was made private after the publishing of this article, so we’ve replaced the embedded Instagram post with a photo from her website.