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SubQulture: Kiki, Gaga, and the Grammys

Join Jetspace Magazine’s Sam Chapman and Nome for the SubQulture podcast, your portal to the world of queer music, arts, and media. This week they discuss the movie Kiki, Lady Gaga’s Superbowl appearance, and, after Beyoncé’s latest snubbing, the need for more diversity at the Grammy’s

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Kehlani the Comeback Kid

Cliché’s aside, everyone loves a comeback kid. In March of 2016, Kehlani, the R&B wunderkind behind a series of commercially and critically successful EPs posted an Instagram of an IV. In the caption, she alluded to attempting to take her own life and addressed swirling rumors about her relationships and alleged infidelities.

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Michete’s New Tricks and Tantrum

This Fall, I got sushi with Michete and we talked about their music, Kanye West and our shared Spokane upbringings. At the time, they told me off the record that they were working on the lead single from their next album, Cool Tricks 3.

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Contradicting Coachella

In reports that shocked exactly three people, it was revealed by Teen Vogue and Afropunk that Philip Anschutz, the CEO of AEG, which owns and operates many of the major venues and music festivals in the U.S. donated more than $190,000 to anti-queer groups over the course of four years. They also revealed that Anschutz and his wife have, over their careers, donated vast sums to conservative Republican candidates and super PACs.

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The Spiritual Prowess of Guayaba

“Most of my songs are about bugs, but this one is about a lizard,” announced local artist Guayaba (FKA Aeon Fux) earlier this year to an audience at the Crocodile. While she probably intended this comment to be jokingly self-deprecating, it was also a fair summary of her set.

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Pansy Division Are Still So Gay

Certainly few other bands can claim the title of “pioneers” like Pansy Division. Often lumped in with the nebulous “queer-core” movement of the early nineties, Pansy Division were nevertheless one of the first openly queer bands ever formed.

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The Grandeur of Mal DeFleur

Drag, French cabaret songs, and pizza are not ideas that usually appear in close proximity to one another, yet somehow, on a Wednesday night, I found myself sitting in Dino’s with Seattle’s premiere drag chanteuse. The world is funny like that.

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They’re Here, They’re Queer: Little Richard

It’s a phenomenal time to be a queer musician. But while all of the attention being paid to contemporary queer artists is wonderful and important and completely deserved, it’s important to remember the artists who fought tooth and acrylic nail to carve out spaces for themselves in a largely white, straight musical landscape.

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Listen To This: Fall 2016 Music Preview

Autumn means a whole slew of new music, both releases and live performances, for all the queers to enjoy. Summer and its attendant festivals are behind us, and now we can swath ourselves in flannel and raincoats like the goddamn Seattleites we are and get on with it.

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