From Insult to Empowerment: The Journey of the Word Queer

While there is a clear history of the word being used in aggressive and insulting ways, the meaning(s) and uses of queer have never been singular, simple or stable.

Review: Hijab Butch Blues

Lamya H’s Hijab Butch Blues is a powerful and life-affirming story of coming-of-age and self-discovery.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody: A Fleeting Glimpse of Queer Black Joy

I Wanna Dance with Somebody charts the life of global superstar Whitney Houston in an epic narrative of talent and struggle.

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Despite Bans, Queer YA Books Are Still Selling Well

by Jennifer Gerson | Sep 1, 2022

When Phil Stamper was growing up in the early 2000s, he couldn’t go into a Barnes & Noble and find an LGBTQ+ section for young adults.

“There weren’t enough books to fill those shelves,” Stamper, a popular author of contemporary, queer young adult (YA) novels, told The 19th. His latest book, “Small Town Pride,” released in May, is deeply rooted in his own lived experience of being gay in a rural community which now, thanks to books like his, might feel less isolating.

“Now, you can go into any bookstore or library in even the smallest and most conservative town, and you will find a section. It’s crazy to go home to rural Ohio, where I was raised, and find my book in any bookstore there.”


Beyond BMI: A New Book Embodies Fat Liberation

In her new book Weightless: Making Space for My Resilient Body and Soul, Evette Dionne takes readers on a personal and political journey that begins with her own health issues and her resultant encounters with fatphobia in the medical establishment.

Review: Turning Red

Turning Red is a welcome departure from the usual Pixar fare, sharing familiar Disney tropes from a fresh perspective.