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Mayor Murray and the Fall of a Guardian

Today The Stranger published an editorial submission from Mayor Ed Murray. That sentence is, in itself, troubling without taking into account the fact that Murray’s guest editorial was a blathering, vile screed in which he stated what powerful, white men always say when they’re in danger: look at the alleged victim’s criminal record, they must be lying.

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Journeying into Asexuality

I had a crush on my first girlfriend for roughly two years before I asked her out. Then, when she said yes, I promptly stopped talking to her until she broke up with me via another mutual friend. My first boyfriend and I, when we had his parents’ house entirely to ourselves, went up to his room and closed the door, so we could let his ferret out of his cage without worrying. We kissed once and only once; I broke up with him less than a week later. My most successful relationship was a long-distance flirtation via daily phone calls; years later, the girl asked me why we had never kissed. I had no answer.

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Kinkster Video: Watts the Safeword

Seattle pups/kinksters Bolt and Amp have started their own YouTube channel, Watts the Safeword (see what they did there) so that they can discuss and share their thoughts on all things kink. Frankly, they’re both absolutely delightful and their video is worth your time, even if you’re not particularly kinky.

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