Falon Sierra: Damaged by System, but Never Broken

by Nov 20, 2019Interviews, Music

I recently had the chance to interview Seattle R&B Tomboy Princess Falon Sierra about her latest neo-Soul-Alternative-Electronic EP Damaged by System, released to all platforms October 2019. Read on to see what she had to say about her songwriting heroes, self-love, and the current state of art in Seattle.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, Falon. You’re a super brilliant singer AND songwriter. From your first EP “Beauty in Danger” to your singles like “Sprained Ankles” to “Fight the Numb” and now to “Damaged by System,” you mix Neo-Soul, R&B, electronic, and alternative genres so genuinely. Dreamy lyrics, smooth vocals, and intriguing melodies keep it all so varied but never disjointed. Who inspires that for you – who are your singer-songwriter heroes?

My favorite singer songwriter heroes range from queens like Amy Winehouse, Kelela, Abra, Jill Scott & Jazmine Sullivan. To dudes like Frank Ocean & James blake But I also really love Kendrick Lamar, T-Pain & Kanye West.

Congratulations on the “Sound of Love” music video. I love the pace of the imagery – your chill, charismatic way of expressing yourself strung it all together amidst the trippiness of it all. And you were even doing flips, what!? What does love sound like to you these days? What does it look like?

Haha, thank you! Love sounds like my inner head these days, lol. It’s all about self-love for me right now, giving zero fucks and really digging deep into what makes me feel happy. I have been watching a lot of 48 Hrs and car crashes on tv today (idk) and it just reminds me that any day could be your last. I plan on cruising through this life, and working on not worrying about things as much – spreading positivity and trying to really just be my best self.

Your “Let Them [Sleep on You]” monologue, where you speak about billionaires and big businesses pushing art out of Seattle, ends with “My conclusion: there’s just no space. There’s just no space for me.” What does this city need to do to make space for you and other artists?

I think we just need a push. So many talented people are here and we deserve to have our own record label or just our own platform. So many cities have MULTIPLE even hundreds of artists that come out of their city and I feel it because of the opportunity. We don’t have opportunity here. We have to go to LA or NY or ATL or wherever because the people that are I the industry are not here. We just have some dope artists and nothing to do for them.

I really appreciated a social media post you made recently. You wrote that if your son was you, you’d tell him not to ever stop chasing his dreams. Then you ended by writing, “We make our own story and I love my story.” What about your story do you want people to know? What about your story do you want your son to know?

I mean I just come from wack o backgrounding’s. all over the country, bad people around me, blah blah – everyone has their problems from the past, and my point in that post was to move forward always, and for my son he had a heart transplant and takes medicine every day. Every day is a “Battle” for him but that’s also the point, like who cares? Take care of yourself and always strive for your best. My past and his past can’t and won’t stop us from our future or be an excuse to not succeed. Everything we do is beauty.

Where can people catch your work? How can people support you? What’s next?

Find me anywhere… Google me mufuckaasss! LOL naw, but my favorite platform is definitely Instagram. I’m working on new music already and Ima release something in a month or two. The best way to support me is to just show up at my shows, bring a friend a repost my music.

You can stream Damaged by System on Spotify or Bandcamp, and buy your own digital copy on Falon’s website.