Author: Eric Starker

Totally Unofficial Queer Geek Guide to Seattle Pride

Seattle Pride is coming up in a few weeks! There’s a ton of activities going on to celebrate, so we’ve put together a list of stuff suited to those who want to explore fantasy worlds, roll dice, and get to know people in a more cozy setting. Most events are free and all-ages unless otherwise specified. Event descriptions are taken directly from their event pages.

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Queer Geek: Creating Community Since 2012

Queer Geek would love to do more events and be a resource for more people! We are all volunteers. We do as much as we can, but there’s plenty of room for growth. In fact, we have new venues excited to work with us, just waiting for us to come up with the right event idea and someone with the bandwidth to run something.

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Totally Unofficial Queer Guide to Emerald City Comic Con 2019

Emerald City Comic Con is just around the corner! Every year, comic and media lovers of all stripes flock to the convention center to see celebrities, browse merchandise, check out panels and play games. Whether you want to pony up for autographs, see your favorite voice-over actors read scripts in wacky voices, or meet your favorite creators, there’s something for everyone.

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Say Hello to Hello, Gaymer!

If you’re a member of the LGBTQ community and play games, whether tabletop, console or mobile, there’s a robust community and resources available to you. Local groups like Queer Geek! Seattle connect players via social media and through in-person events. Diversity-oriented conventions such as GaymerX and GeekGirlCon connect participants on a larger scale and help foster conversations on better inclusion

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Dore Alley – Folsom Without The Tourists

Many experienced kinksters will tell you that Folsom Street Fair has become too big and well-known to enjoy, attracting gawking tourists and ultimately taming down the shock value of the public kink while Dore is more “serious” and “hardcore.” Although Dore is still relatively small compared to Folsom Street Fair or IML, there’s a ton to do and see, whether you just picked up your first harness or if you’re an old pro.

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Queer Geek: Adventurers Wanted, Apply Within

Queer Geek! Seattle is an organization for LGBTQ folks who are interested in things typically classified as geeky to network and socialize both online and offline. Topics includes things like science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, anime, movies, literature, and similar.

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The Adventures of Pup Turbo

The kink phenomenon of pup play, role-playing the persona of a puppy, shows no signs of slowing down in its popularity. I recently got to chat with Pup Turbo, Northwest Puppy for 2016 and current reigning International Puppy. He’s passionate about his kinks and sharing them with the community.

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New Year, New Kink

Does your New Year’s resolution involve exploring a new fetish? Are you new to the area and looking for kinky soirées? Seattle has a vibrant queer kink scene with many entry points for newbies. Whether your taste runs to leather, puppies, bondage, or other, there are lots of ways to get involved.

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