Author: Eric Starker

Tyler Rush: Pup, Geek, and Porn Star

If you’ve spent any time out and about in Seattle’s bar scene, or on one of a number of shared blogs and Tumblr sites, you’ve likely seen a striking, fit fellow wearing very little clothing. Too vague? I’m talking about Tyler Rush, also known as Pup Amp, a busy fellow with ties to a few different communities: geek, kink, and porn.

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Gay Onscreen: The Rise of Queer Web Series

The LGBT presence is growing on network and cable television. Gay characters on shows like Modern Family are a more regular presence, while shows like Lookihng offer a more specific lens into queer culture. Still, network and cable shows aren’t always able to offer as personal and relatable an experience as an LGBTQ viewer, like myself, would want.

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