Author: Iris Lux

Copyslut, La Llorona, and the Radical Healing Powers of Pleasure

Copyslut flaunts the theatrical charm of a glam band, but that doesn’t mean they’re all flash and no substance. They make bold music about sex work, queer love, and mixed-race identity. I got to interview lead singer Chatz and lead guitarist Ray about their influences, the story of their band name, and how a karaoke performance of Queen’s “I Want to Break Free” started it all.

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Shedding a Positive Light on the Trans Experience

Thriving While Trans: A Love Manual is a literary project with two heads. One is an upcoming multi-genre performance event. It will feature a number of different trans writers, dancers, and songwriters. The other is an anthology of writings, a copy of which comes with admission to the performances. Both the writings and performances focus on personal stories of trans thriving and resilience.

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Porch Cat Is A Manual For Finding Joy In Cruel Places

It takes a skilled artist to transform dysphoria, loneliness, and chronic illness into catchy punk tunes you can scream along to in a sweaty basement. Chan Benicki of Porch Cat has the chops to do just that. Their music is tinged with anger and sadness, but never sounds pessimistic. For every moment of despair on their latest album, the self-titled Porch Cat, there’s a balancing moment of hope.

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Fear of a Nonbinary Future

Here are a few slogans for you: The future is one where nonbinary youth do not feel it necessary to kill themselves. The future is one where we are free to break the binary without harassment or erasure. The future is one where cis folks with an agenda shut the fuck up about nonbinary people, and let us speak for ourselves.

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