Author: James Prost

Caressa Lyric Dunn and the Power of Femme

Femmes… They hold a variety of roles and positions in our community as Leather continues to diversify and we continue the process of purging our misogyny. I had the pleasure of getting a small glimpse into the world Femmes in the kink community speaking with Northwest Handler 2017 and newly sashed International Puppy Trainer 2018 Caressa Lyric Dunn.

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Queer Kink and Learning To Play By The Rules

This July, I was at International Puppy Weekend in St Louis, Missouri. I was there as a vendor and interacted with a many spectacular people while I was there. However, there was one individual who clearly did not respect my boundaries, and who violated my consent more than once, even after being warned. This article is inspired by that person in hopes of helping folx like them.

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