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My Brush With Susan Sontag And Other Tales From The Gay Golden Age

The years between the gay liberation movement at the beginning of the 1970s and the onset of AIDS a decade later are viewed in a certain strand of gay nostalgia as “the golden age”. It’s hardly surprising that those who lived through the period might see it this way; in retrospect all youth is golden. What is surprising is the extent to which men not then adult — perhaps not yet born — have accepted the idea and are slightly disappointed when I try to disillusion them.

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Social-Justice Theater: Two-Cents From A $1 Theater

Performance art is sacred in Seattle. Comedy, music, spoken word, and theater – shining spotlight on heart is venerated in Seattle and maybe more so in this politically-charged time. Performance is a vulnerable medium for performers and attendees, and theaters have been increasingly called out in the Me-Too era, making Seattle an exemplary study. There are as many approaches to progress as there are Seattle theaters. This is the first in a series of profiles about doing this work.

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Nightshots: SAM Remix

If you’re looking to see the Seattle Art Museum a new light, literally, then SAM Remix may be the eclectic, music and fun filled, evening party experience for you. This time around Queerspace Magazine was lucky enough to be invited in to catch some of the magic, too. The party only happens 3 times a year, and tickets always sell out fast, so make you get yours as soon as you see them go on sale!

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Absinth Fueled Bohemia Shines at The Triple Door

While one might not think first of a musical based around classical music when thinking of weekend plans, Bohemia shines – especially if accentuated by a glass of the anise-flavored alcohol known for dreamy-electric inspirations. It’s the kind of challenging and thoughtful theater the city is best at.

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Turning Tricks with Deven Green

Deven Green is seven and a half feet tall. Ok, maybe not, but she still looms over you in that fabulous way only someone with such statuesque beauty can do. No matter how tall she is though, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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