Colby Keller in Season 2 of Capitol Hill.

Colby Keller in Season 2 of Capitol Hill.

Adult film actor Colby Keller, who’s recently appeared in HBO’s series High Maintenance series as well as a recent Vivienne Westwood campaign, has also been in the news lately for his statements of support for Donald Trump. In a recent interview, he said that, while he doesn’t “support or endorse any of Trump’s policies” he’s encouraged by his “overtures to Russia and China” and plans to vote for him.

This stance has rocked the gay community, some people seeing it as a betrayal. One of those folks is local filmmaker Wes Hurley, who worked with Keller on his Capitol Hill Series.

“When I saw the article by Andy Towle,” said Hurley in a public statement, “I was mortified and sad. I always liked Colby. He and I never discussed politics before, but I guess I kind of assumed that he’s not a Trump supporter.”

Particularly troubling for Hurley were Keller’s comments about Russia and China, given that Hurley emigrated to the US from the USSR.

“I couldn’t believe that Colby would think that overtures to the bloody mafia-backed Russian dictator or the communist regime in China are encouraging,” he explained. “In that moment I felt deeply ashamed to have my work being associated with someone like Colby.”

While he admits that the idea of removing Keller from the series crossed his mind, he ultimately “decided decided that it’s problematic to do something like that just based on him expressing his political views.” Instead, he said, he contacted Keller to discuss his disappointment with his troubling statement.

Colby’s reaction to Hurley’s concerns, though, was equally troubling.

“He lashed out at me,” Hurley shared about their conversation, “and proceeded to spew far left conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Did you know she’s secretly part of the Christian Right? He also asked to be taken out of ‘Capitol Hill’. I was relieved. Now I could delete him from my work without being the bad censor guy.”

“One thing in our exchange struck me particularly ironic,” added Hurley. “Colby called me authoritarian for arguing with him about politics. Seeing as he likes dictators and plans to vote for Trump, did he mean that as a compliment?”

Hurley has since removed Keller’s appearances from the series at his request. We can only be grateful now that Jackie Hell has yet to go on the record about her political affiliations.