We’ve written about OrcaCon before, a mainstay in the local tabletop convention scene, and the largest tabletop gaming convention in the PNW. It’s since moved from Everett to the Bellevue Hilton, but still features a great selection of panels, industry guests, merchants, and, of course, games, games, games!

Already a diverse event, this year’s con, starting this Friday, Jan 11,  includes an even healthier dose of diversity. You can check out everything happening at their website, but here are the panels clearly meant for a queer audience.

All of the panel descriptions are taken directly from the schedule, and all of the panels take place in the Vancouver Room.


2PM: Beyond Inclusion: Creating Diverse Worlds

Talking about going past the notion of “inclusive” settings that are just mainstream + marginal (“Look! This setting has black AND queer people, too, and they’re not hated! Mission accomplished”) into settings and worlds that are centered on different cultures: What about worlds where there are no straight, white people (or where they are the minority)?

3PM: More than just pictures: Creating cross-cultural iconography

Icons in games can represent a complex array of ideas and concepts that must be quickly interpreted by the player. However, they are often an afterthought in development. This talk will provide tools and strategies to help developers create meaningful iconography that can be read and understood by a diverse amount of players without sacrificing style.

11AM: Organizing Queer Gamers

Are you wanting to connect with new queer friends who share your interests? How can you find existing groups, or if your area doesn’t have one, how do you start one? Our team of panelists, organizers of queer groups such as Queer Geek! Seattle, can help!

5PM: Magical Girl Transformation: Finding Your Femme Fashion Style

Ever wish you had a magical transformation item to help you create a super cute and femme look, complete with makeup and a manicure? Who hasn’t! Sadly we don’t have any magical cats handy to provide transformation brooches, but this panel can help you take the first steps to achieving looks that are feminine, fun, and most importantly, very YOU. We’ll focus on finding resources to inspire you to transform your clothes and beauty routine without breaking your budget or consuming all your time. Everyone, regardless of gender is welcome to come explore and ask (respectful) questions.

5PM: Queerness & Masks

Join moderator Joseph Carriker, and a panel of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who are also avid tabletop roleplaying gamers as they discuss the power of personas and masks to help liberate ourselves and explore who we are as we become someone else.

10AM: Sovereignty, ethnicity, and mixed race in storytelling

Race is not sovereignty. Ethnicity isn’t race. And mixed race communities navigate deeper complexities than the already complex power laden spaces of race, ethnicity, and sovereignty. What does this mean for doing nuanced storytelling in games and fiction with an ever growing spotlight on representation?

2PM: End Game Style: Leveling Up Your Masc Look

Stuck in a rut with the tired geek-bro uniform of shapeless jeans, oversized t-shirts, and boring shoes? Want to present a more sophisticated appearance but still let your geek flag fly? This panel/workshop will focus on masculine presenting clothing for those who want to abandon their boring starting gear and upgrade to something that will make the end bosses of life take notice. We’ll focus on quick and easy tips that won’t break the bank to get you started, and discuss finding your own personal style. Everyone, regardless of gender, is welcome to come explore fun fashion ideas and ask (respectful) questions.


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