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Glimpse Into Tomorrow at the SIFF VR Zone

The SIFF VR Zone is a pop-up virtual reality installation living, for now, on the first floor of Pacific Place Mall. It’s the most intriguing thing the 44th Annual Seattle International Film Festival has had going on all season – or for even the last two SIFF seasons. Maybe three.

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The Mix: Collide-O-Scope XMESS 2016

In this very extra sparkly holiday edition of The Mix, we shall all get down on our knees (an incredible departure from the norm, i realize) and give praise to the lil’ Baby Jebus and Co.™ for the heavenly blessing that is Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson, whom I have sworn to gay marry someday , preferably in a frosty, critter-filled forest on a crystal Christmas morn.

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Playing With Angels

Tonight marks the debut not only of a new queer theatrical production, but of a new queer playwright and director, Robert Roth. The play is called “When there were Angels”, Robert’s semi-autobiographical account of fleeing his emotionally abusive and homophobic family to find self-acceptance, adventure, and love–and it comes to us at a time when the need for new queer arts has been so deeply underscored.

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BenDeLaCreme is Back, and There’s Hell To Pay

I write about BenDeLaCreme because how could I not? I am compelled by forces far too forcey to resist: up to and including my own freaking-out, hair-pulling, screaming-girl fandom. My position on the matter is well documented, and Ben’s charms and talents are held in high esteem by teaming hordes.

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Pride and Tragedy

I see so many sentiments blatantly, aggressively defying this hate, fear, and islamophobia, so many of us refusing to be used and divided by hate. Instead, we choose to confront this evil in the way our community always does: by coming together. By refusing to hate. By embracing what’s good. By refusing to be divided. By choosing love. If there is anything I am or will ever be proud of in our community, it’s that. It is always that.

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Kim on Kim

Kim Dogluv, star and subject of the Aaron Bear documentary Finding Kim, talks about capturing his emotional journey of a trans man embracing himself and his true identity.

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Two Men and a Little Lady

Danny Roberts, who is most famous for being, “the most recognized Real World cast member ever” (New Orleans season), and his beau Wes, recently became the beaming fathers of a bouncing baby bundle of cuteness called Naiya Sage.

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