If you’re part of the Vancouver nightclub scene, you’ve likely heard the name DJ GingerBear Todd (aka Todd Brisbin). He’s been putting on parties for years, from charity shows to live drag shows to corporate events. Among others, he’s particularly proud of his contributions on the RUFF party, which debuted five years ago with DJ Barney Phil.

Recently, Todd’s noticed more and more events focus around the “perfect” body.

“I want to go somewhere that I can feel comfortable in the skin I’m in, whether hanging out having a drink or dancing shirtless with other men,” Todd stated.

Enter Bawdyhaus.

Bawdyhaus is a party for cruising, drinking and dancing for men of all types, with rotating local and international DJs. The first Bawdyhaus takes place Saturday, March 26th at 9pm, featuring Seattle’s DJ Tommy K, as well as the winner of Mr. Ruff, and other performers. It will be a monthly event every fourth Saturday and Pride Sunday starting in May.

“I want Bawdyhaus to bring back that filthy underground element that we’ve been missing for some time,” he explained. “Others like Rubbout, Ruff, and Vancouver Art and Leisure have stepped up, so working together to destigmatize sex and promote safe spaces is definitely moving forward. I like to be part of that.”

There’s no dress code, but he encourages people to wear what makes them feel sexy.

“I’m hoping people will wear or “not” wear whatever makes them comfortable, whether it’s a jock, leather or jeans,” Todd mentioned. “Don’t dress to impress, unless it’s to impress yourself.”

Bawdyhaus takes place at the historical Hindenburg at 23 W Cordova.

“Hindenburg was once a glorious gay leather bar in the 80s called John Barleys,” Todd indicated. “It played host to a great underground scene for the gays, but also opened up its doors to the punk and new wave community for live shows when nobody else would have them.”

“It’s gems like these I like to go back and take over to shed light on our history and teach the childrens,” he added.

While he’s been promoting parties since he was 18, over the last year, Todd’s been DJ’ing more and more as DJ GingerBear Todd, and will be playing the opening set at Bawdyhaus.

“Originally I started as a VJ for my weekly Friday night at a local club because there wasn’t anyone else around to do it,” he stated. “I loved the performing aspect so much that I just felt comfortable there and hunkered down to learn. I’m pretty versatile on decks, but I prefer a bit darker with a combination of tech, disco, vocal and classic house mixes.

“I’ve been told often my sets are great to fuck to. I’m good with that.”

Bawdyhaus is more than a party, it’s a state of mind. Also it’s a magazine.

“I’m also launching a coinciding magazine called Bawdy Issues that features nude photography of our poster man by the very talented Jackson Photografix,” he described. “Each issue will go with each party and feature one model that best expresses what Bawdyhaus stands for.”

The first Bawdyhaus party is one not to miss, whether you’re a Vancouverite or visiting for the weekend. (And for you Pacific Northwesterners  who haven’t visited Vancouver in a while, make this party an excuse to visit while the exchange rate is super-favorable!)

Buy your tickets online, bring your body and maybe a few clothes…