The winter holidays are fondly marketed as the warmest time of year. Families coming together, loved ones all around, abundant generosity during a spiritual renewal of light and joy.

And then your Trump-voting relatives show up.

For many this year—and every year—the holidays are tinged with the pain of lost family members, financial struggles, and the precarious state of the world. But from the windows of Seattle’s Century Ballroom, a faint glow and festive music beckon queers and our allies from afar to find sanctuary in the true spirit of togetherness.

And booze. And boobs. And butts. And glitter and feathers and rainbows and sequins.

Homo for the Holidays—a burlesque/cabaret/dance/drag event created by BenDeLaCreme, Lou Henry Hoover, and Kitten LaRue—celebrates its ninth year with a hilarious drunken fete. It’s Christmas as it should be! The Hanukkah you’ve always wanted! Solstice as it’s meant to be enjoyed!

The narrative features Angie Lee, a lesbian angel assigned to watch over party hostess BenDeLaCreme. Should she successfully help DeLa arrange this party, she will finally be given her wings! But along the way, Ben and friends must grapple with the fact that Santa’s term is up this year (mmm hmmm), and the winner of the Santa Election was not the deserving and experienced Mrs. Klaus (you see where this is going), but our new Santa will instead be a canned ham (YUP).

The show plucks at the painful sutures of the festering wound that is 2016, including the presidential election, the growing fear that rights will be stripped from vulnerable populations, and beloved musical artists who passed away this year. Our Wednesday night audience was in tears of laughter and grief during a scene in which Jesus (played by the subtle and brilliant ilvs strauss) speaks to “Dad” about current events.

But in its unexpected emotional depth and scalding political reads, the show’s writing offers a surprisingly cathartic affirmation for its audience. Homo for the Holidays is a delicious cocktail of “Queers Are Powerful” and “Bodies Are Sexy” with a garnish of “I’m Feeling Myself,” a sprig of “Is It Normal to Laugh This Hard?” and a bitter, refreshing double shot of “FUCK 2016 SO HARD, HONESTLY.”

Viewers will be treated to a playful, smart, sexy smorgasbord of enchanted treats and toys, Pokémon, a living menorah, sugarplum fairies, Southern charm, a messiah or whatever, reindeer, and the sexiest fucking snowflakes you’ve ever seen.

The multitalented cast absolutely slay—ahem, “sleigh”—their roles. Danny Kam’s powerful baritone and piano stylings pair perfectly with Rebecca M. Davis’ brilliant comedic timing while Cherdonna Shinatra and Waxie Moon will have you in stitches with irony. Lou Henry Hoover and ilvs strauss will pull your heartstrings with their touching numbers, while The Luminous Pariah, Faggedy Randy, The One The Only Inga, and Kitten LaRue will simply have you touching yourself.

After such a shitty year, you deserve a yuletide palate cleanse. Whether you need to be blown away by some incredible singing voices, titillated with a whole lotta skin, or relieved with a good belly laugh session, you’ll find genuine comfort and joy on this isle of misfit toys.

Homo for the Holidays runs at Century Ballroom through December 26th. See it before you miss your chance!