Triple Threat Dan Savage Mama Tits

Kimball Allen with Dan Savage and Mama Tits. Photos by Laura Hoffman via Facebook & Prom Queen via Instagram

A new era in late night shenanigans has begun, with Kimball Allen at the helm, and a plethora of Seattle based talent to back him up. The guest list was quite extensive, starting with the likes of Dan Savage, Prom Queen, and Mama Tits all gracing the stage at the Triple Door. If Triple Threat with Kimball Allen is set up like a late night talk show, then Kimball is in line to be Seattle’s own gay version of David Letterman.

Although Allen is far from new to the stage, boasting performances of his self–written, one-man plays in NYC, Seattle, and Kansas City, his stage experience so far may not have completely prepared him for the likes of a big night life hosting gig. It was never more evident than when Dan Savage and Mama Tits hit the stage. Those two have extensive experience working a crowd and they upstaged him a bit. Allen was cute, funny, and likable, but at times he stumbled to keep things moving forward, and occasionally it got a bit kitschy. It also stands to be said that maybe objectifying a black bell boy wasn’t the best path to take with this audience.

Allen’s love for the Seattle arts was proudly displayed in so many forms. The Triple Threat stage featured comedians, storytellers, aerial acts, stars from local theatre productions, drag queens, rock bands, and even the Gay Men’s Chorus. He wanted to give us variety and he delivered. While the show was slated for a 90 minutes, it actually lasted a bit over two hours. The talented artists in Seattle are numerous, and it’s understandable that he would want to start out with such a bang. A dose of editing, though, could have kept the show within its scheduled time period, as well as saved some talent for future shows.

A beginning is just that, a beginning. Kimball Allen is on to something here that Seattle could be ready for and, with a bit of tightening, Triple Threat with Kimball Allen will be a knock out.