Orgasm Denial in a Card Game

Some of you kinksters may be familiar with the idea of orgasm denial, or edging, trying to keep from orgasm as long as possible. Well, a German team of game developers have created a game simulating just that. Orgasme! is a card game that simulates sexual situations in humorous ways – and an orgasm will make you lose the game. What brought it to my attention were the queer inclusiveness of the couples pictured on the cards. I later learned that two members of the design team are gay.

I spoke to Michael Neumann, one of the game designers, to find out more about the project, which is in its final week on Kickstarter and already more than fully funded. I wondered what inspired this unique project.

“As we all know from the Internet, people are only interested in sex and cats,” Michael teased.

He wanted to create an adult-themed card game to offer a new concept beyond the usual fantasy card game conceits of wizards, dwarves, and elves.

“One doesn’t really expect a combination of sex and card games – and that’s what makes it entertaining.”

This isn’t the first game they have published, although their previous two games were a bit more niche.

“We sold more than 100,000 copies of our previous work here in Germany, which were very political and packed with dark humor,” he noted. “The first one (“Minderheiten-Quartett” – translated literally “minorities quartet”) was focused on a critical and satirical approach towards the discrimination of minorities based on prejudice and stereotypical thinking. The second one – Bullshit Quiz – was a parody of right-wing populism. Both were made specifically for our local market as they refer to events, debates and personnel of the German political landscape.”

Michael feels OrgasMe! has a broad appeal to both casual fans due to the subject matter, with tactical mechanics that a dedicated gamer audience will enjoy.

Looking at their Kickstarter, their card examples showcase men with women, men with men, women with women. I was curious how the decision was made to be so inclusive.

“It was clear right from the beginning that LGBTQ imagery would be a part of the game,” Michael stated. “Everyone has sex. End of story.”

Their pictured cards also indicated a number of different kinks, from pup play to bondage. I wondered how they decided what kinks to include.

“We want to show a wide spectrum from vanilla to more exotic kinks but without establishing or suggesting some kind of hierarchy between them,” he indicated. “We don’t judge the things we include. In the end, these decisions are often practical: What gives us a beautiful image? What is interesting to look at? What image shows the essence of – for instance – sadomasochism.”
He added, “There are 60 illustrations in OrgasMe! – but millions of kinks. We cannot include everything and a decision not to include a specific kink is no value judgement.”

With the Kickstarter nearing completion, you won’t have to wait long to get your copy of OrgasMe!

“We’re getting the last illustrations done, playing the last test-matches and have the game instructions and cards proofread,” he revealed. “We’ll be ready for manufacturing as soon as the Kickstarter campaign ends. After we finish our work on OrgasMe!, we have drawers full of ideas we’re going to work on.”

You still have just a few more days to support their Kickstarter and pick up this unique game, which ships to backers on December 2016. Until then, you’ll have to tighten your chastity belts the old-fashioned way.

May the cards be ever in your favor.