The leaves have turned. The air has grown crisp and cold. The holidays are here.

For some, this can be a joy-filled time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Others, though, are not so lucky. The holidays, for some, can be a stark reminder of the aggression, oppression, and depression they often face. Dealing with poverty, homelessness, and mental illness can be hard enough under the best of circumstances. Adding racism, homophobia, transphobia, ablism, classism, and/or misogyny to that mix can only make it worse.

If this is you, if you’re the one suffering this holiday season, we have a message for you: Please survive. You are loved. You are cared for. It may seem hopeless, but there is hope.

If you are in crisis, and need help, here are some places where you can turn:

Crisis Clinic offers telephone-based crisis intervention and information and referrals to community services for youth and adults in Seattle-King County, WA. They offer emotional support to those in crisis or considering suicide through our 24-Hour Crisis Line.
24-Hour Crisis Line: 866-427-4747

Trans Lifeline is non-profit dedicated to the well-being of transgender people. They run a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. Trans Lifeline volunteers are ready to respond to whatever support needs members of the community might have.
US: 877-565-8860
Canada: 877-330-6366

The Seattle Intergroup serves the Greater Seattle area’s AA members and groups. If you are in crisis, and need to talk to someone, they offer a 24-hour hot line.
24-Hour Hot Line: 206-587-2838

The Trevor Project‘s trained counselors are there to support you 24/7. If you are a young person in crisis, feeling suicidal, or in need of a safe and judgment-free place to talk, call the Trevor Lifeline.
24-Hour Crisis Line: 866-488-7386.

Gay City offers a comprehensive list of resources available to Seattle’s queer community, including resource links for housing, health, and emotional support. Check out their resource list here: