Author: Monisa Brown

Cupid Strikes Again: The End of V Day

A red sun sets on Valentine’s Day 2018, with 1 wounded and 1 newly celebrated as a hero, as a Valentine’s Day celebration ran what some might call amuck. At 7:05 AM, Charlie Parsley, 28, woke up like it was any other day. They got up, dressed ,ate breakfast, and then began to scroll through their non-chronological instagram feed, liking videos of cats and memes trolling Cancers.

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The Simple Magic of Bet Ya Ungodly Things

Neve took a huge risk with Bet Ya Ungodly Things. She created something really unique, ethereal, moving, confusing, and downright magical. I was lucky to have experienced it. Neve Andromeda Mazique Bianco is a force, and I cannot wait to see them grow and continue to create new works of art.

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Twist: Saturday Church, Queer Ghost Hunters, and More

The weather has finally cooled, the leaves are turning, and shit is getting spooky. I love this time of year because, as Seattleites, we turn towards those indoor activities that shelter us from the harsh weather and, at least in my case (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) the reality of the real world. Indoor activities like the queerest film festival in the PNW. Yes, you read correctly. It’s time for Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival!

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The Light and Healing of BlackTransMagick

At the Neptune, in a theatre full of beautiful Black and brown people, words were spoken that allowed many of us to heal. I saw my fellow trans and QPOC community members laugh and cry. I can only imagine that they felt the same chills creep up their spines as I did, as the beautiful truth, the beauty the is being trans and black was laid out before us.

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Challenging Pride: NW Pride of Color

Pride is a celebration of our identities and our community. It’s a time when we can come together to educate, celebrate, and not give a fuck what mainstream society says about us. Pride is a wonderful time. What if we added another layer? What if we took the time during Pride to acknowledge and celebrate our intersectional identities.

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Rising Up: The Art of Protest, Resistance, and Celebration

Last Thursday Gay City Arts premiered a play entitled Rising Up, a work that openly condemns gentrification and displacement in the Central District by sharing the QTPOC experience and the importance of chosen family. The debut work from playwrights Sara Rosenblatt and Ebo Barton, directed by Barton along with Neve Andromeda Mazique-Bianco, depicted an honest and personal representation of the QTPOC experience in Seattle.

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